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What is HYIP ?

It means High Yield Investment Program. HYIP sites collect a capital from contributions of Internet users and offer a high returns for your investment in short time. HYIPs are considered risky investments.

Is HypsDesk.com another HYIPs monitor?

We provide listing of HYIPs and monitoring services, but we are much more than just that. We are not another script copy like many other monitors. We have built our platform from scratch using an easy to use and friendly design. We offer a complete list of HYIPs with many options to search and filter. Users can rate, comment and save favorite HYIPs. Furthermore, we offer RCB and affiliate system to our members. We plan to continually grow and build new features to become the most complete site in this sector.

What is a "Listing" ?

It is the service to add an HYIP to the HyipsDesk.com list for rating and monitoring. A better listing offers more features and makes an HYIP more trustable for investors.

What does "Status" mean?

The Status of an HYIP is used to check if it is paying to investors.

  • Waiting We made a deposit to the HYIP and we are waiting for the first payment
  • Paying The HYIP is paying normally
  • Problem We are having some temporary problem with a payment from the HYIP
  • Scam The HYIP stopped paying definitively
  • Unknow We are not monitoring the HYIP

What is "RCB"?

RCB is the abbreviation of Referral Commission Back and it means that we are giving to our members and special bonus for any investment that they made to some listed HYIPs. Sign up to HyipsDesk.com and check which HYIPs offer RCB. The bonus can be between 25% and 100% of the HYIP referral commission. In some VIP HYIPs we even offer more than 100% commission!

How the Affiliate Program works?

Our Affiliate Program is our special feature to earn extra money. Sign up to HyipsDesk.com and use your Affiliate link to attract new user to our site. Every time that one of your referrals receive a RCB payment, you are going to earn a 10% directly to your wallet!

Can I advertise in your site?

To place an Ad in Hypsdesk.com is very easy and a good way to reach a global community of 1000s of investors. Ads are nicely integrated into the grid of the main page. To create a new Ad, Sign up as "Advertiser" and follow the instructions.